Thursday, March 4, 2010

Back Aches and Sore Fingers...

Productivity is at an all time high, and working on various projects keeps everything from getting stale.
On the comic front, I am still working on HOT FOG, and FEROCIOUS #1 as well as the short story 'Tracey Malaise', which will be available in it's entirety on this very blog. I should have sequential pages posted very soon.
On top of the comics, I am working on an original line of T-shirts called ROUGH HOUSE, and some other in-the-works artist collabs.
Combine that with some art-for-hire work and I am the busiest I have been in a long time (and yet, somehow still finding the time to squeeze in watching some horror movies and 80s action-junk.)
Also, I decided to post an older ilustration I did for a Halloween Party that my wife and I did a few years back, sort of a way of showcasing a different style than I have been using of late. This was directly inspired by old EC comics art, and the image itself is the classic "monster carries beautiful damsel through the swamp" bit...some people asked if the foul creature represented myself, and the beautiful scared woman my wife. Hmmmm...maybe.

There is a roughness to the drawing, and some anatomical issues, as well as a certain "stiffness", but these probably arose due to the fact that there was no under-drawing at all, nor sketches, just straight ink-on-board...I wanted to capture a certain dated quality, and a charming naiveté that the older comics had. (Well, not EC though...they had some of the most talented artists of any company, ever. ) I don't think I nailed it, but I still like the effect I got.

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